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The Bachelor Just Broke Our Hearts & Matty’s Instagram Is Getting Slammed

Our 2017 bachy boi Matty J royally screwed over Australia tonight, sending home and breaking the heart of our firm fave Tara.

The good news is that means Tara is single. Woo hoo! Watch out fellas.

However, the internet is definitely not feeling the love. Not since Nikki was given the flick by Richie in last season’s The Bachelor have viewers felt so robbed. Especially considering Tara admitted she could see herself falling in love with Matty on her final solo date.

From all indications, we would have expected Laura and Tara to be the final girls standing. Come on, that date with Elise was dullapolloza?! We’re still shook that Tara won’t make the final.

Since the ep aired, Matty’s Instagram is being flooded with hateful venom.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the heat our bachy is getting. However we don’t condone any of the language being used, which is aggressive and borderline threatening.

Jeeez guys, calm down.


Wow… bit rough. Let’s just remember the show is completely over produced.

Meanwhile, Twitter is also bloody furious:

Tara for Bachy 2018, is the only silver lining, we guess?