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WATCH: The Bachelor Have Given Us A Cute AF Video Of Matty J Reacting To Fans Comments

Teasing us before the July 26 launch date, The Bachelor Australia present Matty J reading loved up comments from swooning fans. It is glorious.

We are thirsty as all hell for any and all Matty J content while we wait for The Bachelor to get underway, so this video is the wonderful gift we are not deserving of. The clip, posted to the show’s socials this afternoon is aptly titled “Matty J reacts to you reacting to Matty J“. That’s mighty meta, Matty.

Watch Matty J’s beautiful face excruciatingly ride out 3 minutes of our shared obsessive fanning. Because he’s a sweet humble man, he seems pretty chuffed with all the love and support and takes it in his stride. What a bloke.

The best moments include one fan referring to the Bachelor as “a kelpie with abs”. We learn that apparently a lot of people have referred to Matty as a Kelpie before. Probably because he is so loveable and beautiful and everyone wants one.

Matty J also gets emotional about his bromance with Osher. He says:

“Something I really look forward to the most is really stepping things up with Osher”


Good news too, he promises us

“There are a lot of shots with my shirt off”

We are gonna hold you to that Matty.

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And the sweetest part is when he confirms that he really, genuinely believes he’ll fall in love with someone this season of The Bachelor. We are all rooting for you Matty! Go gettem, tiger.