David Wikco Leah Costa Dating

Bachy Villains Leah and David Are Dating, So Here’s Our Artistic Recreation Of Their Love

Remember David Witko, the international male model who got the ‘villain’ edit in Sam Frost’s edition of The Bachelorette? Well now he’s dating recent Bachy-babe Leah Costa. Wot?

There’s been some rumours circling around that the two had been seen locking lips the past few weeks, but no proof. The pair have been no strangers to sharing their happy snaps on IG.

Exhibit A:

David Witco Leah Costa Instagram

David’s Instagram

Over the weekend the two were officially snapped by papz locking lips and getting all cossy at a Melbourne pub. If you believe all the headlines, they are indeed officially dating.

And because we love stupidly trashy media beat-up around former reality stars, we obviously wanted to share it. Alas, we don’t own the pap-photos but we’ve had a crack at the story anyway. Yolo.

Instead we sourced an ‘artist’ to recreate the Daily Mail’s photo journalistic skills, which are displayed in our own photo essay below:

So – here’s our version of what went down:

Leah and David are looking at each other intensely. He’s leaning into her all like ‘eyy bebbe – give ma a smooch’  and she’s rubbing his face like ‘ohh David – let us become each other’s Horcruxes and forever reign doom on peasants’.

FYI, those that have followed our previous Bachy video recaps back in TheVine days will remember that David is also Randall, the villain from Monsters Inc.

Leah and David kiss

Real pic here.

Then they start packing on PDA. They infuse their souls into each other, ensuring their antics can’t be defeated from the gossip sections of the Daily Mail forever.

Leah David Bachelor Kiss

In events very similar to Shrek 1, Leah’s curse is broken and she becomes Jurassic Leah and the two run off together for ‘the greatest fairy tale never told‘ on primetime television.

Bachelor Leah David Witco Kiss

While we wish there was a real pic of this along with their likely future triplet monster children, this unfortunately does not exist. Yet.

All this being said… Leah was also snapped making out with another woman at the same event… so who really knows what the hell is going on.

In all likelihood, the paparazzi were probs invited along to set-up these pics. But hey, good luck to Leah and David – they should absolutely be milking their claim to the DM headlines while they can.