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Bachy’s Tara Says She Wasn’t In Love With Matty & Did A Maccas Run After Booting

In true Tara form, the most recent The Bachelor evictee has confessed that after she was booted from the reality show, she got over Matty J pretty damn quick and headed straight for a cheeky Maccas run.

While viewers were enraged that Tara was given the flick last night, the babysitter for Queensland said she moved on straight after leaving the mansion.

“I was fine as soon as I left. I went to Maccas drive through on the way home and got a chicken and cheese burger, called my friends… It was absolutely fine, I didn’t struggle at all,” she told Now to Love.

We’re not entirely surprised. After Tara was left roseless last night, she shrugged off her eviction, posting the below pic to Instagram, captioned by: “Wondering what pubs are open tonight …”

Wondering what pubs are open tonight …

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Tara added that the way The Bachelor producers edited her eviction made her appear more upset than she actually was.

“I really couldn’t give a shit about Matty,” she told TV Week.

“I was never in love with him, so I was fine as soon as I didn’t get a rose. Actually, he looked more upset than me. It was pretty easy to get over.

“I didn’t even think about him as soon as I left the mansion. I was just calling my friends telling them what I’d been doing for the last few months.”

Well there goes all our hopes and dreams. Turns out Tara wasn’t all that into Matty. Or she’s just trying to appear cool as a cucumber in light of her nationally televised dumping.

Either way, we wish Tara and her snag all the very best. You made the entire series, you bloody legend.