Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker announced as 13th Doctor

Dr Who Fans Are Stoked To Have A Female Doctor And Here’s How They’re Shutting Down The H8rs

On the back of today’s announcement that the new Doctor Who will be played by a woman, the internet has blown up with excitement. Even the unsurprising slew of sexist reactions has been no match for the celebrations. The h8rs have been roasted and buried in positivity. Good riddance.

Next year we will see Jodie Whittaker play the lead role in Doctor Who, which is a very exciting and an overdue change after 50 years of The Doctor regenerating as a white dude.

It’s a positive move for women’s representation and especially heartwarming to hear how excited little girls get when they’re given female protagonists to look up to. Jodie Whittaker will be the Wonder Woman of the Dr Who series and we are here for it.

On the back of the news first shared by the BBC, fans have shared their daughters’ excitement on Twitter and it’s heartwarming.

Check out some of our favourite reactions below

If you can get around sci-fi’s iconic doctor being a time-travelling, shape-shifting alien, then it shouldn’t take too much brain power to accept The Doctor being female. But alas! This was too much to ask of some fans and unsurprisingly some people felt the need to express their sexist displeasure online.

Turns out some people still insist that casting a female Doctor is an absolute disgrace and clear evidence that the world is spiralling into a “politically correct” black hole and straight into the feisty jaws of feminism.


The good news is those #losers were drowned out by enthusiastic fans spreading the joy and absolutely roasting any and all sexist reactions. The people of the Twittersphere are pulling out the big guns to roast the h8rs into oblivion. Bye bye.

Here are some of our fave ‘exterminaters’

Get on board and get excited about Jodie Whittaker taking on the role of  The Doctor next year. WE ARE READY!