Last Night’s MAFS Dinner From Hell Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Last night’s dinner party episode of Married at First Sight was a hot mess.

It started out okay with Sarah and Telv learning how to pole dance together (married people stuff, ya know!) and my, oh my, Telv getting his Magic Mike awwn did things to me. Then Ashley tried and failed to make Troy get a haircut, he was soo dramatic and made a big ol’ scene. It. Was. Great.

Most importantly, it was DINNER PARTY TYYYME. As all the couples converged on the dinner, Davina had nooooo shame buddying up and manipulating Tracey and it was fucked up viewing.

Predictably, the dinner drama came from Davina and Dean, who flirted shamelessly in front of everyone and slipped away for a secret rendezvous. Meanwhile, Dean assured Tracey they were in this together and that he was being nothing but honest to her. I’m putting this delicately. He is a trash pig man.

It was hard to watch, as Ryan and Tracey were none the wiser but thankfully Twitter was there to make us lol through the pain.

Here’s ep 12’s MAFS dinner party retold through its funniest tweets:

Ashley tryed to make Troy get a haircut but was unsuccessful.

Dinner tyyyme! Carly finally had enough of Justin and no one can blame her.

Troy and Ashley fought like an old married couple.

Davina befriended Tracey like a total snake.

Meanwhile Davina and Dean continued to cheat and be GARBAGE PEOPLE.