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Four Of Sophie Monk’s Young Bachelorette Contestants Have Been Revealed

Everyone take a deep breath – we have our first look at the handsome devils competing for Sophie Monk’s heart on this year’s The Bachelorette.

While we were originally a bit sceptical about Monk’s appearance on the show, the ads Channel Ten are rolling out are damn adorable. Anything would be a nice break from Matty spilling out nothing but white noise. In case you’ve been living under a rock and missed out on Ten’s promos – here’s a taste:

Tonight, the first four blokes vying for her heart have been released and err… most of them are pretty young.

Monk, who is 37 years old, looks to be chasing the cougar title with all the dudes ageing in their 20’s. Not that it’s a bad thing, anyone would be lucky to have our self-described bogan bachelorette. Among the bunch are an investor banker, a professional polo player, a magician and a vineyard manager.

Alright Matty – time to wrap this shit up so we can start to dig in to this year’s season. We need this.

Meet the first four blokes on this season of The Bachelorette:


Age: 29 years old
Occupation: Investor
Location: Western Australia

First up is Blake. A bearded bandit from Western Australia. Apparently he’s an ‘ego driven’ strong character – so there’s potential for him to be a villain. He’s not picky, but just want’s someone who’s driven.  He’s also rockin’ a red velvet suit… which err… is interesting.  With all that being said, he’s not too shabby looking on the eyes.



Occupation: Magician

Location: Queensland

Prepare for magic – ol’ mate Apollo – if that is his real name – is a professional magician. He’s also 13 years younger than Sophie Monk, which is probs not working in his favour.  But, hey, each to their own. It didn’t stop Stiffler’s mum.

Apollo is self-confessed romantic and also hails from Monks home on the Gold Coast. According to he’ll be making quite the impression on the first episode with a bit of magic. Bring on them Harry Potter vibes we say.


Age: 25
Occupation: Polo Player
Location: QLD

Yup, this dude’s a professional Polo player and he’s thirsty for sport. It’s not just horseback either, he’ll get competitive over any sport – so we hope that extends to The Bachelorette.

Word has it that he’ll be galloping into the mansion to try and steal Sophie’s heart. Apparently she has a fear of horses, so prepare for it to backfire spectacularly. We can’t wait.


Age: 31
Occupation: Vineyard Manager
Location: Vic

Sophie Monk loves wine – so our new m8 Jarrod is in the hotseat so far out of the guys. He’s also the closest to her age with only six years difference. He’s family orientated and ready to settle down. Sounds a little boring in our opinion, but that might be exactly what Sophie needs.

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