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HELL NO: ‘Survivor’ Just Sent Home Its Most Underestimated Player & Twitter Is Filthy

On tonight’s ep of Australian Survivor, the Asaga tribe continued to shrink in numbers as a player we all expected great things from was sadly ejected.

Noooo! Not Odette! After the tribe lost out to Samatau in an endurance challenge, Asaga were heading towards a tribal council and Odette’s name was one of three floating around.

With the tribe’s alphas Luke and Sarah also on the chopping block, it could have been Odette’s lack of fight in her that led to her being voted off the island.

The series had been criticised for barely including any footage of Odette in the past episodes. We barely got to know the 32 year-old podiatrist from NSW, but she managed to stick it out in the game, all the while not establishing any concrete alliances.

Twitter was letdown that Odette left before we got to see her full potential, especially as she was (weirdly enough)the odds-on fave to win the whole thing. The poor dear didn’t even see it coming.

Here’s what Twitter is sayin’ about Odette being sent packing: