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IT HURTS: Here’s 5 Worrying Signs The Bachelor’s Tara Is This Year’s Nikki

There’s only two more eps of The Bachelor left for the year and as we prepare for tonight’s semi-final, we’re bracing ourselves for Channel Ten to lead us all astray.

Tonight will see fan fave Tara facing off against Laura and Elise. If we’ve learned anything from previous seasons, it’s that the Bachelor battle zone is much like Game of Thrones – with our most liked characters dying a sudden and bloody death.

Tara has dominated the conversation this year, especially online. Australia bloody loves her. This is not a good thing. Could Tara be this year’s Nikki?

On Richie’s season of The Bachelor, we convinced ourselves that Nikki was the one. She was gorgeous, kind, fun and perfectly paired with Richie. We were all rooting for her. It was this that left us all shook beyond compare when Alex was victorious.

Have we all fallen in love with Tara just to have our beating hearts ripped from our chest again? From that very first inappropriate bum grab on her first date with Matty J, she had us at “that is a good ass”.

Tara is down-to-earth, a bit of a dag, honest and insanely funny. She’s everything you want and more. But is she the one, or has it been Laura all along? Besides certain gossip sites (*cough* Daily Mail *cough*) spilling countless spoilers about who Matty picks, the signs are already there for Matty to be falling for Laura over Tara.

Forewarning: we are kind of assuming that Elise doesn’t have a chance in this battle. Sorry Elise! But tbh, you’ve basically spent zero time with our bachy.

Here’s 5 worrying signs Tara will be the next Nikki:

1. They consistently give off the vibe they’re ‘just friends’

This is what we love about Tara. From the first cocktail party she was Matty’s bestie first and foremost. The flirty sexual tension wasn’t really there from the start.

This was followed by her yelling out ‘Cya mate!’ as she went inside. Tara may have slotted herself in the dreaded Heather from season 3 position, firmly in the ‘Friend Zone’.

2. Laura was singled out from the beginning

Tara’s solo date with Matty J came relatively late in the game. Whereas Matty had his eyes on Laura from the very beginning. If we look at last year’s example, Richie was into Alex from day one and it seemed poor Nikki never had a chance. Tara could meet the same fate.

3. The underdog never wins this show

Shall we have a refresher? Sasha was the clear frontrunner on Sam’s season of The Bachelorette. We were all rooting for Richie but he had no chance.

In other seasons, like Snezana on season 3, and Anna on season 1, despite getting to know the other girls, the rest were just buying time until the obvious pick won. The only exception is Sam winning on Blake’s season…but we all know how that turned out.

4. Tara lives on the Gold Coast, while Laura is a Sydneysider

It’s sad to say that geography will probz play a pretty big role in Matty’s final call. There is a precedent with bachys choosing the contender that happens to live in their state.

It happened with Georgia Love and Lee Elliott, with the location the couple would settle in being an issue with Matty unwilling to leave Sydney. Funnily enough, Laura happens to live around the corner from Matty.

5. The Bachelor producers / Illuminati Osher love causing us psychological trauma

We discovered last year that those shifty producers love to toy with our emotions. What better emotional manipulation than to make us all fall in love with someone (like Tara and Nikki) only to watch their heartbreak on national TV, and our hearts simultaneously break with them.

It sucks to acknowledge that Tara’s entire narrative is setting her up for a massive failure.

Poor Tarz!

We will have to tune in at 7:30pm tonight to see how it all goes down.

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