James Franco Is Awesomely Terrible In The Trailer For His Film About The Making Of ‘The Room’

This post was originally published on Junkee by Tom Clift

Even if you’ve never actually sat down and watched The Room, you’re probably at least aware of its reputation.

Often described as the “Citizen Kane of bad movies”, the 2003 film from enigmatic writer/director/producer/actor Tommy Wiseau has been universally panned for its cringeworthy performances, amateurish direction, nonsensical dialogue and absolutely baffling plot. If you ever needed an argument for why people shouldn’t follow their dreams, this movie is it.

Still, things kind of worked out for Wiseau and associates, with the film’s so bad it’s good status earning it a devoted cult following. Among the movie’s biggest fans is actor/director James Franco, whose upcoming film The Disaster Artist chronicles The Room‘s ill-fated production.

Franco directs and stars as Wiseau, while his brother Dave plays Greg Sestero, Wiseau’s friend and co-star who penned the book on which The Disaster Artist is based. They’re joined by a star-studded ensemble that includes Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Jacki Weaver, Hannibal Buress and Alison Brie.

A rough cut of The Disaster Artist screened at SXSW back in March where it received a standing ovation. Now distributor A24 has unveiled a teaser trailer featuring one of The Room‘s most iconic scenes.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original. You’ve got to hand it to Franco, because he’s pretty much nailed it.

The Disaster Artist hits cinemas in the US on December 1.