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Kim Kardashian Continues To Own Her Haters In A Swift Clap Back At The Daily Mail

Kim Kardashian is on fire rn.

Fresh from serving up pure shade to those accusing her of doing cocaine on the DL, Kimmy K has clapped back at the Daily Mail, after the tabloid site wrote a story claiming she made her daughter wear a corset.

Based on an image of Kim’s 4 year-old daughter wearing a dress that laced up at the front, the publication asked its readers: “Does Kim’s kid really need a corset at FOUR-YEARS-OLD?” I feel like there’s a clear answer here, but who knows.

Here’s the article in question:

Via the DM

While the dress that North is wearing does lace up at the front it doesn’t quite look as extreme as the comparison they’re making with Kim’s waist-trainer. Jeez. Take it easy, guys.

Kim herself is having none of it.

She posted to her socials an image of the actual dress, where it’s clear to see the lace up part of the dress is only at the front and is purely decorative. Something the DM photographer probs knew as well.

So far this week it’s:

Kimmy K: 2. Outrage-spinning media: 0.

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