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Kim Kardashian Got Naked & Climbed Up A Tree & People Have Questions

It’s about that time of the year again, when Kim Kardashian releases a naked photo and the internet quickly loses its shit.

The most famous Kardashian sister just posted a naked pic to her socials. But this time, for some unknown reason, she is climbing up a tree, even wearing her nakie-tree-climbing boots (I assume that’s what they’re called).

Here’s the spectacular pic:

Ummm. Wow. The photo was taken for photographers Mert and Marcus for their anniversary book. It left us with a lot of unanswered questions.

Did she climb the tree herself? Where is this tree? How did the tree feel having the naked body of one of the most beautiful women on earth rubbing up against its innocent flesh? What about splinters? Had she inhabited the spirit of a woodland creature? Were the boots really necessary?

While Kim defs looks great up in that tree, Twitter had questions:

Many users were celebrating Kim’s random naked tree climb. Climb gurl, climb!

Header via Twitter.

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