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GROOL: Lindsay Lohan Reads Her Fave ‘Mean Girls’ Lines & Does A Kinda Shit Job

Fresh off starting a random beef with Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan has slipped back into the shoes of Cady Heron, relaying eight of her fave lines in Mean Girls.

In a video arranged by W Magazine, Lohan counts down her most-loved quotes from the teen comedy classic, which includes “the limit does not exist,”,”do not have sex because you will get pregnant and die,” and my personal fave “you smell like a baby prostitute”.

But because it’s Lohan we’re dealing with, it’s all a bit of a mess. It’s especially weird that one of the lines she chooses is body-shaming. After realising, she then says that doesn’t like the actual line..which she err chose.


Check out the video in full below: