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LMAO: Ep 14 Of ‘The Bachelor’ Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

One more week of The Bachelor to go –  which is sad – but also GREAT because Sophie Monk is an actual angel.

As this season heads to the pointy end, four girls became three with Florence’s dreams of marrying her way into an Aussie citizenship shattered. The ep was bloody long, showing each of the four hometowns and Matty getting grilled by their fams.

Tensions were rife at Florence and Tara’s pads, while Elise and Laura had slightly more civilised encounters.

Like usual, Twitter was there to make the experience all the more lol-worthy.

Ep 14 of The Bachelor retold through its funniest tweets:

The home date with Tara was delightful as usual.

Tara’s brother Troy was full on and scared us all.

His date with Florence started with a hand-holding rejection and ended with her friend annihilating Matty’s entire existence.

Elise’s date was nice enough but uneventful. Except for Elise’s mums spicy mashed potato talk.

Laura’s fam time went the most smoothy, but who cares…LOOK, A DOGGO.

No one was surprised as Florence was sent packing at the rose ceremony.

Who will win next week? It’s anyone’s guess…