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LOLZ: Ep 6 Of ‘The Bachelor’ Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Well that Bachelor episode didn’t start how we expected. We were led to believe by the promos that there was some big question mark looming over Matty. We were ready for a twist.

Instead, our bach basically just eliminated his least favourite contestant, just like he does every other week. The only difference was that his choice was too damn obvious to create legit suspense via the usual format, so he decided not to drag out the rose handing-outing. That’s it.

The rest of the ep was ace tho! We saw Matty go on an adorbs date with Tara and then make a bunch of women jump out of a plane. Like usual, Twitter was on form providing hilarious commentary.

The Bachelor episode 6, as told through its funniest tweets:

Firstly, what a shit cliffhanger. I mean, shithanger. Sian left. That was expected. We weren’t buying it and Matty’s speech on not being a ‘puppet’ was even less convincing.

The cute AF solo date with Tara mostly involved bad bike-riding and Tara getting handsy with Matty’s man meat.

But the chemistry between Matt and Tara was pure fire.

We all fell a little in love too. (Please don’t be Nicky 2.0)

The group date, where Matty forced the women to jump out of a plane, was one of the worst dates in bachy history.

There was slight drama at the rose ceremony, in the end loose unit Natalie was sent packing.

Buh-bye Natalie. You sure were weird but you will be missed.