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Miley Cyrus Singing ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’ Is The Gift We Never Knew We Needed

Let’s go girls! Grab your man’s shirt, ya short skirts ‘cos Miley Cyrus is bringing Shania Twain back in a big way.

‘Team Miley’ took to The Voice stage in the US, to take on the mother of all Shania tunes: ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman‘. The ladies were all decked out in leopard print outfits and it was just perfection.

Tbh, Miley is definitely the best thing about the song, while the other The Voice contenders struggled to keep up, Miley had the country pipes to do justice to kween Shania and we are forever grateful.

We forget what a fucking banger that song still is!

Check it out below and thank the heavens for this gift:

While you’re at it, here’s the original:

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