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NOOO: The Biggest Blind-Side Just Happened On Survivor & Twitter’s In Mourning

The self-titled king of Australian Survivor has been dethroned in a massive blind-side. It was perhaps the most suspenseful tribal council the Australian series has ever seen.

The most painful part was that Henry left the competition with an immunity idol in hand. His cockiness got the better of him, as the faux-yoga instructor foolishly assumed he was safe but then had to watch on as his name was repeatedly read out. It was brutal to watch but electrifying viewing all the same.

We can safely assume that the entire tribe – probz minus Locky and Tara – united to get rid of Henry. They wanted to take out their biggest rival as early in the game as possible.

Say what you want about the (perfect/beautiful/majestic) man, but he was a force to be reckoned with on the island and could have won the entire competition.

Henry will be sorely missed. I’m mourning the loss pretty hard myself and Survivor fans are absolutely reeling from the epic episode.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about Henry’s blind-side exit:

Most importantly…

Farewell Zen Hen. You will be missed my golden-tressed yogi prince.

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