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NOOO: A Season Fave Was Voted Out Of ‘Australian Survivor’ & Fans Are Spewin

Last night’s ep of Australian Survivor has shook viewers with series fave and previously expected winner ‘AK’ getting booted after an extraordinary tribe-swap twist.

Love him or hate him, we can all appreciate that AK was a great player of the game. From day one, he was cornered into the minority of his tribe and was heading to an early eviction. But he managed to turn his entire tribe from enemies to supporters, and even managed to channel his tribe’s aim towards his biggest competitor, Locky.

For such a strong player to be voted off so early in the game is a shock and fans are reeling. Last year series standouts Matt Tarrant and Nick Iadanza took to Twitter to say they were devastated by the shock eviction.

To make matters worse, AK was only voted off because of a twist which forced him to change tribes. As a result, he was left no option but to jump ship from a tribe where he had secured a leadership role, to one which already hated him. This was a result of his sworn enemy Tara rubbing his reputation through the mud and turning the gang against him. He was doomed.

The odds were clearly stacked against him, and many viewers were furious about the timing of the twist, which led to his early exit.


Viewers on Twitter were spewin’ AK was voted off the island:

Never forget.

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