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We Ranked Every Couple On ‘First Dates’ Based On Their Most Awkward Moments

Just when we thought we had reached our quota on reality TV relationships the new season of First Dates just awkwardly edged through the door – accidentally pushing then pulling, eventually breaching its way in.

The series format sees total strangers setup on blind dates. The duos then decide over their meal (which they also pay for) if they have the chemistry to become soul mates 4eva. Or at least want to have a further crack at it…

It’s the kind of viewing that hurts… but you can’t look away.

On tonight’s ep we met four potential couples and it was predictably torturous viewing. So to help make sense of the nonsense, we’ve ordered the pairs accordingly.

We ranked the First Dates couples from least cringe-worthy to most excruciatingly painful:

Ed and Jennifer

Awks level: not half bad.

This was a bit cute. Ed and Jennifer actually gelled from the beginning. There were no awkward silences and it felt like they had instant chemistry with lots of banter…is this the right show?

Ed was defs waaaay into Jennifer, I think I fell a little in love too. The best date of the ep. I SHIP ‘EM.

Jake and Rebecca

Awks level: stop saying words.

Another unprecedented goal for First Dates: setting up two people that are actually compatible. Who could have thunk it? There were a few silent moments and Jake did tend to say the wrong things over and over again, but somehow Rebecca seemed to find it endearing. Also a beer chugging comp and marriage proposal all on the first date is pretty impressive.

Ryan and Jasmine

Awks level: I’m in physical pain.

Have these two ever spoken to other human beings before?! They could not even keep up a coherent conversation and were equally to blame.

Jasmine doesn’t know what a barrel is? Ryan hasn’t heard of George Orwell’s 1984? Actually, I don’t think Jasmine had either. Somehow after the date-saster, they both agreed to a second date…they’ll need to bring a dictionary.

Abdul and Karen

Awks level: throw your TV out the window. Do it. DO. IT. NOW.

Abdul is actual trash. He was soo mean to poor Karen and acted like he was above her the entire time. This is just weird because Karen is a total catch.

She looks wicked in a red dress. She can naked wobble-board like there’s no tomorrow. They both really like money.

He was just a grump, making for an excruciating date and that final rejection was brutal. Karen: you deserve better. All she asked for was a Lamborghini and a mansion. Jeeez.

Images via Channel Seven.