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SHADY LADY: Taylor Swift Is Straight Trolling Kanye West With Her New Merch

ICYMI the old Taylor Swift is dead, and the new Taylor is throwing low-key shade all over Hollywood.

Following a whirlwind week of Tay-Tay news, starting from a series of mysterious but unsubtle snake GIFs, and dropping her comeback revenge single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, the pop singer is now being accused of copying Kanye West.

As Swift launched her album art for ‘Reputation’ and line of merchanise, comparisons were quickly made between the pop star’s style and West’s Yeezy fashion line and ‘Life of Pablo’ promo materials.

Here’s some of Taylor’s merch:

While this is a sampling of the ‘Life of Pablo’ line:

There’s no denying that Swift’s entire rebranding uses a very very similiar gothic font to West’s fashion line.

Yeezy fans are mighty pissed that Swift has borrowed so heavily from West’s aesthetic. While it’s not a straight copy (gotta avoid those lawsuits, huh) it’s similar enough to be more than just a coincidence.

However, some users have pointed out that Swift is simply using the classic The New York Times font, which connects to her new album, playing up the media’s representation of her, which in turn affected her…reputation.

Either way, knowing Swift’s history of making calculated PR moves, the font choice was probz not an accident.