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Sophie Monk Addresses Whether There’ll Be Any ‘Bachelorette’ Bonking This Year

Next week Australia’s new Bachelorette Sophie Monk will light up our screens and we couldn’t be any more thrilled.

Having a celeb bachy is a first for the franchise, so who knows what to expect. But it turns out one thing that will stay the same is our bachy not having sex with any of her contenders.

In a recent interview, Monk told NW that there’s zero chance in hell she will be bonking in the Bachelorette mansion.

“Oh, that’s gross, I could not do that on TV,” she said, adding that she found it weird sex on the US version was common.

“In America it’s so full on, like ‘Change the sheets!'” she said. “What I loved about [the Australian version] was that you’re not doing it.”

Sophie revealed that she liked having the chance to slowly get to know the men, rather than sleeping with ’em straight away. Each to their own, I suppose.

“You have to form a friendship, whereas in normal life you might do it earlier and that could change everything, especially for women! I think men are different but, for me, after sex, I fall straight away,” she said.

“So yeah, being patient, it’s just the best.”

Monk did say that she was open to pashing and we can expect some first date lip action.

“I said I wouldn’t and then, next minute – bang, first date!”