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The Survivor Series Just Lost Its Last Major Player & Twitter Is Divided

The end is nigh. As we head forward to the Survivor finale next week, the last fave to win was brutally knocked out tonight. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

Hanging on by a thinning thread and depending on winning a hat-trick of immunity challenges to stay in the game, the series’ biggest physical threat Locky was finally sent packing. Leaving viewers with a fairly lack-luster final four.

On tonight’s ep Locky missed out on winning immunity, with Michelle scoring immunity and… a new car, no big deal. Finally Locky’s luck ran out and he knew he was doomed.

But you gotta love this guy’s determination. He went out swinging, even trying to convince everyone that he had found an idol and therefore could use it to avoid elimination. He wouldn’t show any one the idol – cos, errr it didn’t exist – but tried his little heart out to trick his competition.

During his time on the reality series Locky divided opinion. Fans that loved him REALLY loved him, while some others truly loathed the dude.

Here’s what viewers on Twitter are saying about Locky finally getting the chop:

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