The Team Behind ‘The Room’ Have Reunited For A New (Terrible) Movie & Here’s The Trailer

A chorus of “Hi doggy!” can be heard around the globe, as the team behind the best/worst movie ever The Room are heading back to our screens.

The film’s writer, director and leading man Tommy Wiseau has teamed up with bestie and cast member Greg Sestero for another film. The reunion comes 15 years after The Room blessed the world with its nonsensical plot, abominable acting and cinematic poetry, like this nugget.

And this.

And this.

The new movie will come in addition to the remake currently in post-production, starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, based on Sestero’s experiences with Wiseau, as told in his book The Disaster Artist.

The film has the genius title of: Best F(r)iends. Get it, like ‘best fiends’. In fact, not best friends AT ALL. The subtlety from these two is still breathtaking.

The exciting news was broken by Sestero on his Facebook page last night.

The story will apparently be a retelling of Wiseau and Sestero’s roadtrip from 2003, but in the flick Tommy plays a mortician, and upon meeting Greg takes him on a wild journey. We’re hooked already.

In typical Tommy fashion, he described the movie by saying: “After watching Best F(r)iends, your mind will find paradise”.

We missed you, Wiseau.

Check out the trailer below via The Hollywood Reporter: