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‘The Bachelor’ Has A New Hero, As The Nation Falls Hard For Tara

While tonight’s ep was low on promised (aka fake) drama, we finally some goddamn sparks – possibly even some true love. At least, we’re completely smitten.

The nation has been falling in love with Tara since day-dot but now we’ve finally seen Tara and Matty together. Collective: awwwww. We ship them hard.

In an adorable first date, Matty took Tara on a tandem bike ride. Sounds like a terrible good idea in theory, but Tara had no clue how to cycle, so it was a total shitshow but still cute AF.

‘Death will be swift…’

the bachelor tara

As they embark on their bicycle trip, Tara is screaming/horrified the entire time and we assume the two are heading for an uncertain death off the edge of the cliff.

‘Hahahahaha… at least we’ll die together’

Once the bike trip from hell was over, the two started cooking up pasta in the kitchen. For some reason this prompted Tara to, of course, recreate the steamy pottery scene from Ghost.

‘Oh, my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your touch…’

Okay. How drunk is Tara at this point?

Next she goes straight for Matty’s ass, admiring his bum even attempting a bun grab.


As Tara announces, “Cheers to your ass,” Matty starts to feel a tad objectified.

‘I’m not a pound of man flesh, woman!’

*Man meat is talking…*

But then it was time for some #realtalk. As the two sit together for dinner, Tara told Matty about her last relationship and her ex sounds like a right knob.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship when I just annoy someone,” Tara confessed.

It’s prob the most genuine convo we’ve seen on a bachy date so far. We can assume it was here that Matty started falling hard. “All of a sudden I’m looking at her and thinking: this is the girl I could end up with,” he chirps in his monotonous Bachy tone.

Can’t blame him.

Of course he’s thinking that. She is a beautiful angel. Catch her before she flaps her wings and is gone forever.

Then Tara starts babbling about not being good enough for our bachy, and you can see the moment Matty falls in love

* 1D’s ”what makes you beautiful” plays internally *

Get ready! KISS TOWN.

*Smoocho kisso pasho smoocho kisso pasho*

Fucking finally. It’s a good kiss!

*Falls in love forever*

Congrats Tara, you are already the winner in our hearts.

Matty all but confirmed our feelings.

“After today’s date it’s going to make me question not just where I am at with Tara, but now where I’m at with all the ladies in the mansion,” he said.

You heard the man…