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Twitter Is Freaking Out Over THAT Shocking ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene

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It’s done. It’s dusted. The Game of Thrones finale hit our telly box today, and what an episode.

There are obvy spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched the finale… you best not read this, you gronk.

Now that we can chat spoilers: OH MY FUCKING GAWD. Littlefinger is dead. Deadsies. Donzo. Gone. Huzzah!

Fans have waited for this moment for seven seasons and the series delivered it in the best possible way. All series long, Littlefinger has thought he’s had the upper-hand (pun intended) towards Sansa. Using his puppet strings to control her, and in his latest move he tried to turn her against her own sister Arya.

But the Stark women shouldn’t be underestimated. Turns out, Sansa was just playing into his hand (pun unintended) the entire time. In one of the most iconic scenes this show has ever gifted us, viewers was led to believe Arya was on trial for treason. But in an almighty twist, it was Littlefinger all along. And he got what he deserved.

Even Bran acted like a human person for once and vouched for his sisters against Littlefinger, using his three eyed raven memories. All the Starks came together and it’s never felt soo good.

To cap it off, the big and (very) bloody death scene was magnificent, with Arya slicing open Littlefinger’s throat in one lightning-fast swoop (what has this show done to me).

Safe to say, the internet is celebrating. Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Most importantly. THE STARKS LIVE.

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