WATCH: Here’s 7 Killer Mashup Tracks As Sung By Game Of Thrones

Fans splicing up Game of Thrones footage into popular songs is the content we didn’t know we needed but are mighty glad to have.

Cheers to the creators for all the hard work and dedication that’s gone into sourcing, ordering and stitching together these musical masterpieces.

These are our top seven GoT remixes to get you through your day.

Look what Taylor made this GoT fan do…

We are all “So Excited” for the next season, so please get to work @GoTcastandcrew.

GoT characters spreading blatant lies singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. They’re in ~*denial*~

A game of fire and “Ice Ice Baby”

Now for an emotional rendition of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham.

“Shape Of You”, a tribute to Ed Sheeran after he was brutally roasted for his random af appearance in season seven.

“Shake It Off”, a.k.a. what the GoT cast has to do every time one of their mates gets killed off the show.

And the reigning winner: “All Star”, GoT Edition.


Header image via Nerdist.