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WATCH: Meet Sophie Monk’s Potential True Love Blake In New ‘Bachelorette’ Promo

We are a mere week away from Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette and we’re practically vibrating from every ligament in anticipation. We. Cannot. Wait.

See ya laters Matty J. Bring on Sophie’s boys!

Thankfully, our wish has been granted with the first dude vying for Monk’s affections getting himself an intro video on Facebook.

So meet Blake, a 29 year-old from Perth. Is he going to become Monk’s new hubby? Errr, based in his clip, we’d give him a solid pass. No thank you.

“I’m nothing like this show has ever seen before,” says the dude calling himself an investor/entrepreneur – what ever the hell that means. Hey Blake, we have seen exactly that before buddy. You ain’t no unique snowflake.

The bearded bandit has been described as ‘ego driven’ strong character – so there’s potential for him to be one of the show’s villains. He’s also rockin’ a red velvet suit… which err… is interesting.  With all that being said, he’s not too shabby looking on the eyes.

Meet some of the other guys vying for Monk’s heart here.

Check out Blake’s teaser clip below:

Meet Blake. ???? Will his chemistry with Sophie be on the money? #BacheloretteAU starts 7.30 PM Wednesday, 20th September.

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