The Weirdest Moment Of Last Night’s Ep Of ‘First Dates’ Has Been Explained

It was the eye twitch we were all talking about.

Last night Seven premiered the comeback of ‘First Dates’, a nicely planned substitute to fill the hole left in our lives since the end of ‘Married at First Sight’.

The series kicked off in the usual way, we met a host of desperado singles taking a chance on love via reality TV. We met the adorable Clare and Aaron, young and hot people Stephanie and Nick, along with the series first pash-ees Sanjay and Caitlin.

But one memorable moment that stood out was the awkward-as-hell date between series returner Milanka and Chris. Let’s be real, Chris was about as interesting to talk to as a baked potato. But one thing he said that got a reaction no one bargained for was admitting he dated a 50-year-old. This statement prompted a bizarre AF eye twitch from Milanka.

Here’s the big moment:

WTAF WAS THAT?! Now Milanka has revealed what really went down on the date, and what that eye twitch was about.

“From the get-go, I wasn’t feeling it,” Milanka told SMH.

“I just wanted to know what this guy was into, because he wasn’t exposing much about himself. That’s when I asked that question [about his dating history] and yeah, then I had a miniature stroke.”

Her bizarre reaction lit up Twitter. It was an eye-twitch for the ages.

Milanka went on to spill that the entire date was torturous.

“For me, at no point was the date working. I was completely confused,” she said.

It was so hard to get conversation flowing. It was like squeezing an orange. I was squeezing and squeezing, trying to get anything out, so it became like an interview.”

It’s unsurprising that the pair haven’t seen each other since.

“God no! Nooooooooo. Nup. Nope. Not at all,” Milanka confirmed.

We don’t know yet whether Milanka will return later in the series… or if Sanjay has yet learned the definition of tempura.