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WTAF: There’s Spicy Rumours Bachy OG Sam Frost Is Dating Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle

Well isn’t this a reality TV crossover no one quite expected. There’s rumours swirling that The Bachelorette OG Sam Frost is dating Geordie Shore lad Gary Beadle.

It’s frankly a bizarre pairing. What you’re probz thinkin’ is: how the hell did these two even meet?! Turns out the reality stars have been working on a TV series together: upcoming celeb cooking competition Hell’s Kitchen. You know spooning always leads to forking, right?

Here’s a pic of the two standing mere METERS APART, a post Gary shared to his Instagram. If that’s not evidence the two are officially an item, I don’t know what is…

Trust what you will, but according to NW Magazine following Gaz’s recent split with his model GF Emma McVey, the Geordie was seen flirting with Frost at Marquee nightclub in Sydney.

“They were pretty chummy”, an insider said. “He had his hand around her shoulder.”

HE TOUCHED HER SHOULDER?! Sounds like it is pretty much a sure thing.

Lolz, so the two might not actually be dating. But if they were, it wouldn’t be the greatest move for Sam. Gary is notorious for the way he treats his girlfriends.

Exhibit A is Geordie Shore treasure Charlotte Crosby. The two star-cross lovers were meant to be, until he cheated on her on last year’s series of Ex on the Beach. Following that, his newest ex Emma – who he dumped via text – has been throwing shade at him over social media, with even more cheating claims.

After her recent split with Sasha Mielczarek, Sam can probz do a whole lot better. And we really don’t want another case of Blake Garvey 2.0.

RUN SAM, RUN!! Resist the parsnip at all costs.