Ninja Warrior Final

Meet The 6 People Who Have Actually Completed The Ninja Warrior Course

So the grand finale of Australian Ninja Warrior was a bit of a bust hey. If it makes you feel better, the course has only ever been successfully completed 7 times in 31 seasons, so the chances of crowning a winner were always looking pretty grim.

The final course of Ninja Warrior is an absolute killer, and last night we didn’t even get to see anyone attempt the infamous rope climb of Stage Four because no one could make it that far. We empathise with the warriors but tbh it was kinda disappointing TV. We wanted an Aussie Ninja Warrior winner!

There has only ever been six seasons that crowned a winner. The final course is just too much for most humans to handle. Even if you can make it through the first three stages (which unfortunately we didn’t see anyone do last night), then you have to face the infamous stage four rope climb: “Mount Midoriyama“.

Contestants need to climb a 22m rope free hanging from the ceiling and press the buzzer at the top within 30 seconds to claim the title. That’s after all the other upper-body challenges that leave your arms feeling like jelly before you even start. Fuck dat.

In 20 years and 32 seasons, the world has seen six people complete the final course (Yuuji Urushihara did it twice). Four of them are from the Ninja Warrior homeland, Japan, and two from the US of A. Check them out:

Kazuhiko Akiyama, 1999

Crab fisherman Kazuhiko Akiyama managed to complete the course, even with his eye condition.

(Image from

Akiyama is a crab fisherman and massage therapist. When he won he was absolutely freakin ripped, weighing 56kg at 161cm tall, with only 5.8 per cent body fat. Hot dayum.

Makoto Nagano, 2006

Makoto Nagano, aka the World’s Strongest Fisherman.

(Image from

Nagano is often referred to as ‘The World’s Strongest Fisherman’. No big deal but he has competed in 26 of the competitions and spent a casual 300 days a year training for them on his fishing ship and now I’m suddenly feeling exceptionally lazy. Thnx m8.

Yuuji Urushihara, 2010 AND 2011!!!

Posted by Yuuji Urushihara(漆原裕治) on Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Urushihara is a shoe salesman who trained to qualify for the show for five years. It paid off and he is still the only person to have ever finished the entire course twice. On his second win he even had 6.71 secondds to spare. Niceeeeee.

Yusike Morimoto, 2015

THIS dude takes the cake. He’s a software engineer and the youngest winner of the competition after he claimed the title at just 23 years old. Such a dark horse he is an inspiration to us all.

Isaac Caldiero, 2015

After six seasons with no winner, America finally found Isaac Caldiero in 2015. He completed the course in a record-setting 26.14 seconds and took home one mil in prize money. Makin it rain Isaac!

Geoff Britten, 2015

Britten was technically the first American to finish the course but he was in the same 2015 US season as Caldiero so he didn’t win the show. He still proudly claims the title of America’s first Ninja Warrior and tbh that seems fair. Well done buddy! You tell em.

Will Australia ever have a winner?

Sit tight because this season’s (almost) Ninja Warriors will be invited back next season to make another attempt and surely we have someone out there somewhere who can be our first Australian Ninja Warrior. PLZ SOMEONE.

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