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According To ‘Science’ Rangas Have ‘Genetic Superpowers’ So How Bout Dat

In a new book called The Big Redhead Book, by Erin La Rosa (a ginger herself, of course – but defs no bias…), there are a whole lot of ‘facts’ about rangas that get pretty bold but let’s just sit back and embrace this ‘science’.

According to La Rosa, gingers have ‘superpowers’ and are ‘the unicorns of the human world’.

Let’s break these claims down into some major wins for the ginger population because, hey, they need this.

#1 Their Built To Withstand Bullies

Sooo the author reports that thank to their funky gene mutation, redheads have a higher threshold for pain. A 2003 study showed that women can tolerate up to 25 percent more pain than those other ‘inferior’ hair colours. Can’t speak for ginger dudes though haha #menarebabies let’s be honest.

#2 They Don’t Go Down Without A Fight

It also reportedly takes more to sedate a redhead. The University of Lousville found that it takes 20 percent more general anaesthesia to knock out rangas. So, essentially, redheads have an edge up on that front and have some kind of resilience superpower.

#3 Funnier?

So apparently they’re funnier? Professor Andrew Stott throws out this theory as something he picked up from teaching the history of comedy at the University of Buffalo. He’s linked red hair with wigs used in 19th-century comedy, where red was the popular stage choice. I dunno though did he consider that maybe ranga’s are funnier because they’ve adapted to the cruel world by using humour? Just an idea.

#4 It’s Exclusive

Outsiders can’t really join the ginger squad because red is the trickiest hair colour to fake. The fiery hue that mother nature has gifted to her select super-humans is beyond the reach of man-made hair dye. Apparently, because the hue is so intense, it’s hard to nail and even if you get there, it fades faster. You gotta be born this way bby.

Who knew there was so much difference between redheads and the rest of the world? Ginger pride, get amongst it.

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