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AWW: Bachy’s Alex Nation Goes Public With Same-Sex Relationship Following ‘Yes’ Vote

I’m not crying, you are!!

As we continue to bask in the warm and fuzzies following Australia voting ‘yes’ to marriage equality yesterday, The Bachelor’s Alex Nation posted an image on her Instagram that has us all welling up with happy feelz.

Alex’s relationship with her footy team m8 Maegan Luxa has been rumoured for months, as far too many trashy tabloids speculated over her private life. But it looks like Alex is now ready to go public with her relationship and we bloody applaud her.

Alex posted an image of her and girlfriend Maegan, with the caption:

“Everywhere around the country, voices of the oppressed rang true. They were not silenced and love prevailed.”

It’s a huge step for the young mum, who broke up with 2016 Bachelor Richie Strahan earlier this year. Since posting yesterday her comments have been flooded with words of support.

In an article published on KidSpot, Alex went further to talk through her emotions from yesterday’s vote.

“I was completely overcome with emotion … when the announcement was made that yes won,” she wrote.

“I was in my lounge room on my own because my partner Maegan was at work and I was texting her the whole time. I sent her a text message saying ‘yes’ with all different coloured love hearts and underneath it I said, ‘I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of this journey with you.’”

Alex said that she didn’t expect to fall for Maegan after only dating men in the past.

“I’ve been in heterosexual relationships my whole life,” she said.

“A woman caught me by surprise, out of nowhere. Initially, I was confused, scared even. I’m not anymore. Her soul is beautiful and mine recognised that.

“With this, I found strength, love and courage to be me. Mentally, emotionally and sexually. In fact it’s been one of the most empowering things I have ever done.”

On ya, Alex. What a legend. Pls excuse me…