AWW: Give Your Bae A KFC Chicken Bouquet For Valentine’s Day, The Ultimate Gift Of Love

Your V Day just got a lot more delicious, as KFC are offering 20 bouquets – filled with fried chicken – to give away to FC-lovers today.

Who needs a bouquet of flowers – which you can’t even eat?! What’s the point of that.

A limited number of Valentine’s Day bouquets are being made, with each bouquet containing a mix of popcorn chicken, crispy strips and original recipe drumsticks.


The bad news? At this stage the bouquets are only being offered in New Zealand, where chicken fanatics can enter online, to pick up at the Auckland restaurant.

Bouquets are being hand-delivered to “known KFC-lovers”, according to a spokesperson.

But whatever are kiwi friends do, Australia tends to quickly follow, so hopefully Aussies can soon get their hands on the ultimate Valentines Day gift for their bae.

Nothing is more romantic than greasy, crispy fried chickennnnn. Don’t we know it.

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