The Bachelor Bachelorette SFX

Watch This Hilarious And Insightful Look At How The Bachelor Sound Effects Are Made

Have you ever watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette and wondered how the producers managed to capture all the magical and intimate sounds of our Bachy’s finding true love?

If your answer is yes to the above… well… prepare to be disappointed! This hilarious skit will probs not answer your questions but it’ll sure give you a solid lol. Filmed for Comedy Central, this spoof supposedly follows The Bachelor and Bachelorette ‘Foley Artist’ (the guy who creates the sound effects) as he explains what it takes to bring the intimacy to life.

‘Tim’ guides us through his process, which mostly involves focusing on the kissing scenes and inventing gross ways to highlight the lover’s bodily fluids. He’s pretty good at what he does – although, apparently “the fantasy suites can be a little challenging”. We leave Tim as he excuses himself to fist a melon. Enough said – plz enjoy the hilarity

Check it out below:

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