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Leah Just Dropped Some ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Truth Bombs About Ali & Grant

Following her early exist this week on Bachelor In Paradise, Leah appears to be on a warpath and is dropping truth bombs left, right and centre.

In an interview with Yahoo! 7, Leah spilled that the show’s resident OG couple Grant and Ali have broken up and that Grant was just in it for fame.

“I’ve actually spoken to Ali since and she was like, ‘I should’ve listened to you. You warned me.’”

Leah said, before dropping this doozy.

“I was like, ‘Yup, Grant just wants to be famous’… I feel really sorry for her – I don’t think she deserved to have her heart broken.”

Leah went on to say that she reckons Grant chose to date Ali to stay on the show for longer.

“She[Ali] really did want to find love and I think Grant just chose the easiest way of staying there,” Leah said. “She got caught in the crossfire.”

Sure, Leah could be jelly because she was originally dating Grant. However, neither Ali or Grant have posted a single thing about each other on Instagram for the entire series, despite just exchanging some hella premature ‘I love youse’ to each other.

Things aren’t looking good for the couple.

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