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Here Are The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couples That Are Still Together Since The Finale

With over a dozen despo singles migrating to Fiji, in the end only four couples managed to survive the harsh elements on Bachelor In Paradise (aka nonstop day drinking and dry-humping while paddle-boarding).

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ali has been confirmed as this year’s Bachelorette!

But the real question is: did the happy couples actually last in the real world?

While the finale of BIP may have ended optimistically, it seems that there may have been trouble in paradise (sorry! had to!) for one of the couples who have since split up.

Luckily, the majority of the matches seem to still be going strong, which is pretty damn impressive given the track record with shows of this nature. Looking at you Married At First Sight’s streak of 0/11 successful matches, ya gronks.

Here are the current relationship statuses of the four couples:

Keira & Jarrod

Status: Still Together

We can’t believe it’s true but Jarrod and Keira are still going strong and have even moved in together. The couple even did a feature with Woman’s Day, confirming their relationship in a cheesy wedding-themed photoshoot. Shit is getting serious.

Ali & Grant

Status: Broken Up

Since the series began, neither Grant or Ali have posted about each other, which wasn’t a good sign. In the last few weeks, rumours have been swirling that Ali said Grant was only doing the show for fame, which Grant has denied.

It’s all getting v ugly. These days, Ali seems to be doing her own thing and bloody thriving. Love you gurl.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ali has been confirmed as this year’s Bachelorette!

Tara & Sam

Status: Engaged

Everyone’s fave BIP couple appear to be more loved up than ever, becoming engaged during the finale. Chorus of ‘awwwws’. We’re not surprised. During the entire series, they were posting consistent cutesy content about one another on Instagram.

They found love in a hopeless place. We love them soo damn much.

Can’t wait for a future filled with theme parks, fast food & you. ????

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Megan & Jake

Status: Still Together

These two actually appear to still be together. During the final eps, Megan and Jake were the one couple that seemed the shakiest, with Megan deciding not to do the commitment ceremony with him.

However, in a comment on Instagram following the finale Megan wrote, “Three weeks isn’t enough to say I Love You. But guess what… in a few months it is. We’re together, because we took it slow.” Didn’t see that one coming.

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