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Rumour Has It Caitlyn Jenner Has Joined ‘I’m A Celebrity’ & Pls Let It Be True

While we’re only a few weeks out from discovering the full cast of D-list jungle-mate celebs set to appear on  I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, one new name has been thrown in the ring and we’re praying for it to be true. 

On Monday, NW reported that reality TV royalty Caitlyn Jenner could be headlining the 2018 cast of the Aussie version and there’s been lots of whispers and speculation that it might be true. Could a Jenner really be joining the likes of a washed-up singer, obligatory retired AFL person and some other model you’ve never heard of? Well, there might be some substance to the news.

Let us explain:

The gossip mags, which lez be honest, aren’t always reliable when it comes to this kinda ‘rumour’ reckon Jenner was originally expected to join the UK version of the reality franchise but the deal fell through at the last minute. Daily Mail UK is reporting, that in the fallout of this deal, Channel Ten execs swooped in to secure the Olympian to appear on the upcoming Aussie series. We say YAAS!

Co-host Julia Morris didn’t confirm or deny the rumour telling NW,

“Oh, Caitlyn would be amazing.”

The promos even suggest “a Hollywood A-lister” – are we reading too much into this? Naaa.

Just imagine all the info we could get from Caitlyn Jenner?!

The reality star has the tendency to overshare when it comes to the Kardashians, most of whom she is currently not speaking to. We could get soo much goss on her strained relationship with the Kardashian sisters and Kris Jenner ~ plus FINALLY confirm Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy.

Australia needs this! Make this happen. I’m down on my knees praying.

I offer myself as sacrifice.

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