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Camila Cabello Wears Weird Red Thing In New Video & The Photoshop Battle Is On

Camila Cabello has finally released the video for her hit track ‘Never Be The Same’ and has served up some absolute fire fashion, but one dress in particular has left us all a lil confused.

The video is hot as hell and Cami has never looked better. But what is gaining most of the attention is the opening shot, where Camila is seen wearing this red shiny monstrosity:

It appears to be part gown, part lobster costume, with such a high neck that it looks like Cami is being swallowed whole.

Given it is such a bloody eyesore, a photoshop battle has obviously ensued on Twitter.

Here’s some of our faves:

Via @desirablemila

Via @desirablemila

Via @desirablemila

It’s glorious just how much joy a single outfit can bring to us all.

Watch the video that inspired all of these lols below:

Header and images via @desirablemila.

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