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IT’S COMPLICATED: The R’Ship Statuses Of All The ‘Married At First Sight’ Couples

‘It’s complicated’ doesn’t even cut it. This year’s season of Married at First Sight has left a pile of carnage and broken hearts.

Starting out with 20 complete strangers, we watched ten weddings take place as the couples wed, honeymooned, moved in together and met one another’s fam and friends. It was a crash course in marriage and a car-crash to watch.

Tbh, they were all set up for failure. With the series guided by the opportunity to create drama (aka TV gold), rather than develop long-lasting relationships.

But even so, over two months on since the series ended, the relationship statuses of all the couple are GRIM. It might make you wonder: what was the bloody point of the show? But then, remember the invaluable gift that was MAFS season four that had you super-glued to your TV screens week after week.

Here’s the current r’ship statuses of the MAFS couples:

Susan & Sean


R’ship status: Single

While technically single, Susan recently met a new guy and is continuing to date the lucky man. She told Punkee she was excited for the future and has recently been spotted catching up with fellow MAFS fave Nadia.

Caught up with this beauty over the weekend ???? ???????? #throwback #brisbane

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R’ship status: In a relationship

Last we heard from Sean, after his romance with Susan quickly crumbled once the reality show wrapped, it was rumoured he has since been seeing someone. Women’s Day are reporting that Sean is now dating a long-time friend.

Off on our fishing charter on seahawk fishing chartets

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Michelle & Jesse


R’ship status: In a relationship

The door has unfortunately slammed closed for Jesse, as Michelle has officially moved on. Posting to Instagram a pic of her brand new mystery bae. They are pretty cute.


R’ship status: Single

From Jesse’s IG, all signals would point to the fruit-seller being single. But at least he found a bromance with his new bestie MAFS’ Nick. It’s true love.

Deborah & John


R’ship status: Still looking for a Polynesian (probably)

We haven’t heard much from Debbie since the series wrapped, but we can expect she is still dreaming of finding that Polynesian hubby.


R’ship status: Single

While John hasn’t yet met the one, his IG shows him having a ball post-MAFS and spending plenty of time with his daughters. Cute!

Alene and Simone


R’ship status: Single

We really thought these two would be forever, but called it quits shortly after a trip to New Zealand together. From her social media, we can assume Alene is single.

#newzealand #mafs #romance

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R’ship status: Single

Just like Alene, Simon also hasn’t started a new relationship since his faux-marriage finished. But he has been spotted on Tinder. Which has become a bit of a standard next step these days for when most relationships conclude.

Nadia & Anthony


R’ship status: Single

After Nadia was ‘dropped like a hot cake’ by her TV hubby Anthony, she appears to be living up the single life. Her IG is littered with gorgeous flashy pics attending the races, and slayin’ her modelling career.

City lights ???? ???? Friday nights in black @__blush_boutique__ "thank you" #friyay #tgif #storybridge

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R’ship status: Single

We have heard nothing from series’ villain Anthony, but all we can assume is his still living the life of a bachelor. Err… good luck to him.

Vanessa & Andy


R’ship status: In a relationship

Very quickly after the series finished and her faux-married with Andy broke up, Vanessa posted to her IG that she had found love with another man. She looks happy, so that’s what counts.

☀️Thank you Universe ????

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R’ship status: Single.

Andy seemed to go straight from reality TV marriage to travelling around the world. We haven’t spotted any ladies on his IG, so we can assume he’s still single.

Chasing waterfalls. #bushwackingwithbreezy #backyard #stinginforastubbie

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Scarlett & Micheal


R’ship status: It’s complicated

While Scarlett hasn’t confirmed she is dating anyone new, she has been most recently been linked to MAFS’ own firefighter Jonesy. Earlier this year she dropped the bombshell that she had been hooking up with Seven Year Switch’s fellow yank Kaitlyn. I think she’s forgotten Micheal ever existed, tbh.


R’ship status: Single

Just like Deborah and Anthony, Micheal has avoided the public since his short stint on MAFS. Last we heard, he was still working as stripper, appearing at Sexpo in Perth back in May but hasn’t confirmed whether he’s dating anyone new.

Cheryl & Jonathan & Andrew


R’ship status: In a relationship

Post-MAFS Cheryl quickly moved on from Jonathan to Jonesy to… some new bloke. The cute couple are still going strong.

I hope everyone gets to find this kind of love ♥️✨ @__gibbsy #bubby #justjumpedoutofaplane

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R’ship status: Single

Who knows what Jonathan has been up to since the MAFS scandal which shook the reality show. After texting Scarlett, while being faux-married to Cheryl, the self-titled entrepreneur has disappeared from the spotlight.


R’ship status: It’s complicated

As mentioned above, Jonesy is rumoured to be dating Scarlett – which he has since denied – but all-in-all he has been linked to Cheryl, runaway bride Lauren and twin bestie Michelle.

Sharon and Nick

R’ship status: In a relationship

Woo hoo! Love isn’t dead. Meet the only successful relationship to come from MAFS. Sharon and Nick are still together, as Shaz moved to be with her man. From their Insta-oversharing, the two appear to still be all loved-up and happy.

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