Murray Cook DZ Deathrays Red Wiggle Music Video

OG Red Wiggle Murray Cook Rediscovers His Inner Wiggle In DZ Deathrays New Music Video

DZ Deathray’s have managed to recruit Murray Cook, of OG Wiggles fame, into their new music video for ‘Like People’ and we are totally star-struck.

The clip sees the famous red wiggle seemingly down on his luck, chilling out in the blokes dunny. Not so classic Wiggles material. He suddenly walks into a cubical and ~ GET READY TO WIGGLE FAM ~ it’s Murray!

The rest of video sees Murray wandering around, juggling hot potatoes, shredding on the guitar and rocking out with the DZ Deathray crew as he relives that 90’s/00’s glory.  It’s passionate, sweaty rock and roll magic and we’re feeling pretty damn blessed to have the great man back in our lives. What a gift.

You can check out the band’s new tour dates over on their website here and take in this video mastery in the video below: 

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