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Tonight’s Garbage Fire ‘Married At First Sight’ Ep Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

The couples are shacked up and commencing the stage of the Married at First Sight experiment where they’re forced to live together and cohabitate, slowly sending them into a warped pit of despair. Fun!

In the most upsetting part of the ep, our OG dream team Matt and Alycia had a massive blow up and to put this delicately… Matt was a bit of a knob. Luckily, the one couple that is standing the test of time is Telv and Sarah, who continue to be adorbs and show the rest how it’s done.

The most ‘interesting’ stuff went down between Davina and Dean, who were texting each other, all the while their respective hubby/wifey Ryan and Tracey were none-the-wiser. Luckily this isn’t being filmed to create a TV show, so we’re pretty sure they’ve kept it all on the DL.

Carly, Justin, Blair and Sean were probz there too but didn’t make the editing cut.

It was a tense ep and the hilarious live-tweets being served up made it all the better.

Here’s ep 10 of Married at First Sight retold through its funniest tweets:

Troy continued to annoy the fuck out of Ashley.

Matt was a total jerk to Alycia and it was awful to watch.

Dean somehow explained his way out of being a cheating creep by saying he’s from Sydney. Ummm. Huh?

Dean wearing a g-string getting a spray tan has been imprinted in our brains forever.

All while Davina and Dean texted each other setting up a date on the sly. Poor Tracey and Ryan, your spouses suck.

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