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The Funniest Tweets From MAFS’ First Commitment Ceremony

Tonight we saw Married at First Sight’s first commitment ceremony and a whole lotta drama unfold.

Following the hella tense dinner party on Wednesday night which saw couples Sam and Lizzie, along with Mick and Jessika, butt heads, it was anyone’s guess as to which way tonight’s ceremony would go.

As expected there was a bunch of shade thrown, but what no one really saw coming was that all of the couples are staying together for another week. Both Sam and Ines remain as captives because for some bizarre reason both Lizzie and Bronson voted to stay in the experiment.

The best part of it all was obviously watching the banter play out on Twitter.

Tonight’s MAFS retold in hilarious tweets:

We have reached the commitment ceremony stage of the experiment.

Jules and Cam are as perfect as ever.

Mick didn’t really get what went wrong on his honeymoon with Heidi.

Matthew had to admit he was no longer a virgin in front of a room full of people.

Lizzie and Sam argued and then awkwardly Lizzie chose to stay in the experiment.

Finally, Ines and Bronson majorly clashed, insults were thrown, and somehow after everything Bronson chose to stay. Pray for him.

Our bodies are ready for all these couples to implode.