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10 Signs That The Guy You’re Messaging Is An Absolute Fuckboy

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Dating in the age of Tinder and Bumble can be hazardous with so many minefields to navigate and yes, I am absolutely talking about fuckboys.

Dating apps might make finding a romantic connection more accessible without the need to, you know, leave the house. But they also make it even easier for fuckboys to slither their way into your life and it can be difficult to gauge who they really are behind their dating profile.

So if you’re currently talking to a guy on a dating app, it’s worth watching out for the following warning signs to save yourself some time and potential heartbreak.

10 signs that the guy you’re messaging is a total fuckboy:

#1. His dating profile will be carefully curated

Don’t expect a fuckboy’s profile to be all gym selfies – although sometimes this is absolutely the case.  Often his dating profile is carefully curated. Every photo is to appeal to a different crowd: there’s always one at a festival,  one travel photo, and one with a puppy —because let’s be real, every person is a dog person. His aim is to draw in all different kinds of girls or guys for more matches.

#2. He will suggest a date within a few messages

Fuckboys don’t mess around. Before you’ve barely exchanged basic info, he will immediately suggest you guys should get a drink sometime. Umm, excuse me stranger… first up, who are you?

#3. He will try to make your first date at his or your house

After a few messages are exchanged and a date is confirmed, he will be keen to just make it at one of your houses. Sure, if you just want to bang this guy go for it, but if he’s acted like he’s trying to make a genuine connection with you and then asks “Your place or mine?”, then this is a massive red flag.

#4. When it comes to the day of your date, he’ll act like he’s forgotten you even had plans

A fuckboy will absolutely act like you guys didn’t have concrete plans no matter the circumstance. You’ll text him to check on the night’s plans, and he hits you back with “Hey babe. Much on for the day?” UGH, YEAH SEEING YOU.

It’s hard to say whether he actually forgot or is simply playing games. This is just the beginning of the mindfucking.

#5. He doesn’t ask you about the important stuff in your life

While the conversation might flow, it’s all surface level. He doesn’t ask you about your career or where you grew up. Instead, it’s all superficial stuff. Your favourite food? Italian! Omg, me too! Do you like Game of Thrones? No way, it’s my favourite show too! He will tell you what he thinks you want to hear and agree with all of your tastes. He fakes a deeper connection which makes you feel like there is a genuine feeling between you both.

#6. He’ll make plans for the future before even getting to know you

Talking about your future plans when you’ve barely shared one drink together is a very early warning sign. He may talk about movies you should watch together or cafes you should try, when he hasn’t actually established any kind of deeper connection with you. It’s all just to lure you into a place of safety and get you to let down your walls.


#7. Before y’all hook up, he will come on super strong

If you don’t bang on the first date, and a second date is lined up, he will become increasingly obsessive. Expect good morning messages and texts throughout the day. You will never speak to a fuckboy more than when you’re about to bang for the first time. It’s all about locking in that second date.

#8. But he doesn’t stay the night at your place

I’m sorry but if he ain’t staying at your house after you bang and doesn’t have a good excuse, then he ain’t dating you, he’s just fucking you.

#9. He can’t commit to actual plans

Despite all these movie/cafe plans mentioned earlier, when it comes to locking in any future dates he will never commit. He’ll say y’all should “catch up” or “hang out” but won’t choose a day or time. Then he’ll likely go radio silent on you for a few weeks, before messaging “Hey stranger” like nothing happened.

F U C K B O Y.

#10. He calls people he’s previously dated “crazy”