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17 Tweets You’ll Relate To If You’re Stuck In The Vicious Dating App Cycle

Dating apps — can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

OK, so that may not be the exact right phrase, but dating in the modern digital world can be… well it can be a lot.

In fact, it’s pretty normal to go through the cycle of downloading, deleting, and then redownloading dating apps depending on how bored you are with life. I get it. I’m there with you.

So while in the last 12 months alone I have downloaded and deleted Tinder/Bumble at least 3-4 times, it turns out judging by these tweets I’m not alone.

Here are 17 tweets you’ll relate to on a deep, personal level if you’re stuck in the dating app cycle:

1. Dudes, just try a little banter first, please!

2. Can we kill the phrase “partner in crime” yet?

3. Sometimes the bar is set so low.

4. Like, so so low.

5. We’re all looking for something unattainable it would seem.

6. And, look, we’re all in need of some attention.

7. This pattern is far too regular.

8. As is this bio.

9. Honestly, sometimes I think the FBI agent monitoring my phone is judging me so hard.

10. After a week or two sometimes you gotta hit that MF delete button.

11. For the love of God, at least write SOMETHING in your bio.

12. Would swipe.

13. Would not swipe.

14. TFW you swipe the wrong way but are too stinge to pay for the app. RIP what could’ve been.

15. Sometimes after a month-long break you’re ready to dip the toe back in.

16. Relatable.

17. But at least you can always emerge as a winner if you put your mind to it.