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PARTY TIME: You Can Now Make Group Spotify Playlists In Facebook Messenger

Spotify feels your party playlist pains ~ what’s the point of making a playlist if guests are going to hijack your phone and change the song every damn minute. The worst!

Thankfully the musically minded pals at Spotify have teamed up with Facebook Messenger to let people submit tracks into a group message. Even if you’re not a Spotify user, you can search for tracks in the same way you can search GIFs on Giphy with all the songs automatically synching up into a group playlist. Winner!


Spotify released a post this week announcing the features, saying:

With Group Playlists for Messenger, users can create new Spotify playlists with friends and immediately begin collaborating to build out their perfect mix. Ideal for parties, road trips, or simply collecting new favorites, Group Playlists provide a seamless way for users to collaborate and share music more easily than ever before.

It’s super easy to use. When you’re inside a group chat in Messenger, tap on the “+” in the lower left corner, select Spotify, then create a playlist. From that point on any of your friends who are in the chat can add songs. Amen technology.

This has soooo many practical applications… like selecting tracks to play in the workplace,

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