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Here’s Every Mistake Made In ‘High School Musical’ 1 & 2

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When Miley Cyrus wrote ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ in 2007, it was clear that she had yet to see the phenomenon that was High School Musical. However, 13 years later, upon re-watching this magnificent piece of literature, it seems as though the film may, in fact, have… and I hate to say it… FLAWS.

We spent weeks, nay, months!…scouring HSM 1 & HSM 2, looking for every fault during production that made us get that sorrowful feeling deep in the pit of our souls.

They say never meet your heroes. Please be warned this article is not for the faint-hearted.

Here are all the mistakes we found while watching High School Musical 1 & 2:

 1. When Gabriella slipped on milk.

high school musical mistakes

DA EFF? Where did the milk go?! Did Sharpay clean it up?! We’re SO confused.

We all know if there were to be a 2019 version, that would be almond milk.

2. When Troy’s shoes suddenly changed.

high school musical mistakes

I’m sick of all these lies. HOW did Troy manage to change his shoes as he was sneaking off to Ms. Darbus’ musical auditions?! First up, he’s wearing white sand shoes and then navy Adidas two seconds later?


Come to think of it, his belt suddenly changed in this scene too. When he first started sneaking off he was wearing a black belt, and then randomly it became brown? What’s going on, Troy?!

3. When Kelsi dropped her sheet music.

high school musical mistakes

We don’t know what you saw, but from our angle it looked like Kelsi took a big ass fall. Yet how were her papers flying oh-so crazily in the air, only to land into a pretty manageable pile? Wow, Kelsi, what you playin’ at?

4. When Troy checks his watch for the time…. Or does he?

high school musical mistakes

Watchu lookin’ at, boo? We know it ain’t no Daniel Wellington.

5. When they forgot the ‘I before E except after C’.

high school musical mistakes

Is the message recIEved? Or is it recEIved? Parlez-vous anglais?

6. When Gabriella sat down with her lunch.

high school musical mistakes

Hang on… where did her tray of food go? Unless homeboy on the right was really feeling your chicken pot pie, you need to claim what is yours.

7. When Troy changed out of his basketball gear, mid-song.

high school musical mistakes

Someone tell us exactly how Troy managed to change into his warm down gear during the time he was telling us that we were all in this together? Are we Troy? Because now I’m not sure that we are all in this together. Not with these lies.

8. When Troy’s, err, underwear suddenly changed colour. 

high school musical mistakes

WHAT TIME IS IT?! Apparently time for your boxers to change Troy, WTF.

This is a betrayal and we will SUE.

9. When Zeke was sitting on different stools.

high school musical mistakes

One minute, the stool is short. Nek minute, the stool is tall? This stool is changing heights more than our emotions are changing rn.

10. When Troy loses his book.

high school musical mistakes

HOW THE EFF is Troy Bolton meant to get a scholarship to play with the Red Hawks if y’all keep taking away his books? Seriously guys, education is not something to play around with.

11. When Sharpay had her own mic team.

high school musical mistakes

Sharpay must really be getting groomed to become a star because apparently she has her own boom mic as shown in her sunnies reflection!

12. When Gabriella is already in the pool when Sharpay is drowning.

high school musical mistakes

Wait, how did Gabriella know that Sharpay was going to drown? And did she jump out of the pool, blow dry her hair, and jump back in before finally saving her?

Actually yeah, seems plausible.

13. When Troy loses his badge… but then finds it again.

high school musical mistakes

T as in Troy? Or T as in… THE EFF??!! Why is he taking his badge off to sing a couple of lines, and then straight away putting it back on? Shouldn’t you be focusing on your moves?

14. And when the time of day shifts oh-so-suddenly.

high school musical mistakes

No one likes the glare of the sun while you’re trying to tee off. Trust the Evans’ to be able to afford some type of instant-shade device!