Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

The Internet’s Freaking Over Fresh Pics Of Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Hanging Out

Jelena fans have been freaking out this past week after more and more coverage of Justin and Selena hanging out together has hit the press. Despite whatever it actually means, no one can stop the feels.

The pics that are doing the rounds are a major throwback to the Justin Bieber / Selena Gomez combo from 2011. It’s been a fair while since they split back in 2014, so regardless of whether they’re technically ‘dating’ again or just being mates it’s great to see them living their best lives. Especially when that’s together #Jelena4evs.

The latest news comes this evening with Gomez heading along to watch the Biebs play some hockey. No word on what her former flame bae ‘The Weeknd’ reckons about all this.

Despite being *technically* none of our business (lol jks), it’s hard not to have feelings on the matter. And you’re not alone. Theories and assumptions are running rampant and everybody has something to say about the pair ‘reuniting’.

These are all the most relatable reactions people have shared on Twitter which pretty much sum up the feels this news has brought on.

We’ve got the people who are judging other people for making claims about the pair’s relationship ‘status’:

Some people are really looking at the big picture here:

Some people are pretty bloody inspired.

Most of them are assuming that all of the hangs means the romance has been rekindled, but whether it’s friendship or romance or whatever, people who have history and love for each other hanging out is a damn beautiful thing.

And of course, the diehard shippers are just unequivocally stoked:

We’re just happy if they’re happy.

Editors note: this is just a GIF that we had to include here and I didn’t feel any context was needed:

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