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This Kangaroo Is Too Sexy For Us All & Twitter Can’t Contain Its Thirst

This might be a little NSFW, but a French tourist has just discovered the sexiest kangaroo you’ll ever see. Oh my. What a stud.

As The NT News reports Sandrina Duniau spotted “the racy roo” lounging in front of the entrance to a toilet in the John Forrest National Park, outside of Perth.

Sandrina decided to forego visiting the loo and instead took a saucy picture.

“It was so funny — I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it was posed like that,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had said, ‘Hey girl, what’s up?’”

Twitter quickly discovered the sexy kangaroo and can’t contain its thirst for this minxy marsupial.

The NT News invited Twitter folk to submit their suggestions for what name best summarises this hilariously steamy kanga and there are some crackers.

An inevitable photoshop battle has already begun.

Image via Duniau. 

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