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Kylie Jenner Tried To Hide Her Pregnancy In Fam Photoshoot & Fans Are Calling BS

The latest instalment in the ‘is-Kylie-Jenner-pregnant-or-what-mate’ saga comes in the form of a family photoshoot, where Kylie can be clearly seen awkwardly hiding her belly behind blankets. It’s just too much for the internet to handle at this point.

It’s been nearly four months since the first rumours that Kylie Jenner is pregnant hit the ground running and some people are taking these latest pics as further confirmation that Kylie is obviously hiding a pregnant bump from the public eye.

Here’s the promo pic for Calvin Klein that Kim shared, featuring Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Kendall all showing off their Calvins and a whole lot of skin.

While Kylie is chilling at the back under a thick blanket and her sister’s (strategically placed?) arm. Because what we need is MORE fuel on the fire of the Kylie pregnancy rumours/truth???

U cold Kylie?? Or hiding something?

And here they are again, with Kylie cosied up under…more props.

Are they just playing with us or is this the real deal???

Now THIS is an awkwardly placed blanket.

Kylie we literally can’t see any Calvin Klein on you in this pic, what is the point…

Of course as soon as the campaign was released the internet had a LOT of thoughts about these fam pics and what this means for Kylie and the potential that she may in fact be growing human life inside her.

Following the new pics, Twitter can’t help but call BS and take the absolute piss:

It’s just too easy.

Some find covered up Kylie to be more relatable than anything.

Team ‘Kylie-is-pregnant’ is feeling pretty damn self-assured right about now.

Team ‘this-is-an-elaborate-PR-stunt-Kylie-ain’t-pregnant’ is also pretty damn vocal.

I think everyone agrees that the Kardashians do love to stir shit.

But there’s a fair bit of dispute between theories.

This timeline and whole thing is fucking confusing, I’m exhausted.

People just think this looks stupid for an UNDERWEAR shoot.

Actually people just think it looks stupid in general.

At this point we may never know, but you bet your ass we will keep god damn speculating.

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