troy married first sight

THEORY: 6 Times Troy From MAFS Undeniably Proved He’s An Alien Imposter

It doesn’t take a scientific genius to figure out that Married at First Sight groom Troy is a little off-kilter. However, I’m here to inform you that he’s not just a little odd – or a paid actor – instead, it’s more probable that Troy is, in fact, an alien imposter from another planet.

These signs were there from the very beginning. On his honeymoon with new wife Ashley, the pair were strolling to breakfast when he decided to spontaneously halt their plans and make his partner wait in the middle of the road while he ran back to his room to perform a specific number of push-ups. This was all so he could…”eat better”.

At another point on this trip, Ashley couldn’t locate her husband and later found him underwater snorkelling in the ocean – alone (potentially exploring his natural habitat???).

This is not normal human behaviour and it’s time we faced the evidence.

From his manic kookaburra-esqe laugh to his terrifying kissing style, his consistently weird and goofy actions are inconsistent with what we know to be human.


I can say with great certainty that Troy is some kind of alien living inside the skin of a human man.

Here are 6 points to support my hypothesis:

1. He brushes his teeth like some kind of possessed demon

From the moment we met Troy, we knew there was something off about him. Mostly because we were forced to witness him brushing his teeth like some kind of demonic Demogorgon sanding, sterilising and sharpening his fangs, after succumbing to his overwhelming cravings for canned tuna.

2. He doesn’t fear deadly creatures

Remember that time he casually wrapped a crocodile around his shoulders and wore it as some kind of reptilian necktie? Then he antagonised the deadly animal again while Ashley was holding the crocodile?

His comfort here signalled that he’s clearly some kind of reptilian himself. His lack of hesitation or concern around the croc suggests he’s sitting much higher in the food chain.

4. He doesn’t know what cheese OR butter looks like

It’s obvious that Troy is a mysterious creature that doesn’t ingest standard human cuisine (appart from bulk tuna). He even admitted he didn’t know what cheese or butter looked like. Considering he is (allegedly) a 35-year-old man, this seems impossible. We can comfortably conclude that he hasn’t been on this planet very long.

3. He cooked Ashley semi-raw beef spaghetti… without pasta

Here we are again with Troy’s confusion for earth food. Troy attempted to prove his humanity to Ashley by cooking her a common dish: spaghetti bolognese. However, struggling to prepare the dish most people master in their pre-teens, he served a plate of undercooked mincemeat without any pasta. He failed to see the problem with it.

5. He doesn’t know how to make scrambled eggs

Troy admitted that he didn’t grow up in a household that ate eggs. It was this that really tipped me over the scale.

This is weird enough as it stands. However, there’s an obvious link here between Troy, his kinship with reptiles and his aversion to eggs.

The only reasonable explanation is that he hatched from an egg himself and therefore avoids them to evade the correlation with consuming his own young.

6. He’s unfamiliar with how to touch another human being.

Troy’s attempt to give his wife Ashley a massage perfectly demonstrated his unfamiliarity with the human form. He is obviously only accustomed to dealing with lizard-like shapes and bodies, and therefore had no experience with, or knowledge, of how to touch a human person.

This is all (of course) a bit of a lol, and tbh I’m slightly obsessed with MAFS’ kookiest character.

Never change, Troy.